RG III on O-line: 'I love those guys'

ASHBURN, Va. - And now we’re down to this: Counting how many times Robert Griffin III is helped up by his teammates after a sack. I’m still trying to determine if this is a big deal.

I don’t know how many times they helped him up last season. I don’t know how many times other quarterbacks are helped up. I know that former NFL general manager Phil Savage tweeted that this was “very telling” when he didn’t see Redskins linemen help Griffin off the ground Monday.

And the Big Lead looked back at all of Griffin’s sacks this season and found that a teammate has helped him off the ground only three times. Yet, here are plenty of examples in USA Today's For the Win section from other teams where the quarterback is not being helped up.

After a sack, my first reaction is to watch the replay to see who was beat and why, so this is something I rarely pay attention to. I do know that some of the linemen today had no idea this was even a topic, and I also know that even some coaches do not pay attention to who helps up the quarterback. And, one more, I know that some players who strongly defended Griffin off the record a week or so ago play on the offensive line.

So is this a big deal? It doesn’t appear to be one to them.

Or, rather, here’s what Trent Williams had to say about it: “That’s some dumbass s---. Come on, man. That s--- is ridiculous. It’s dumb. For anybody to have any ill will toward Robert, you’re probably just messed up as a person.”

Griffin’s comment on the matter: “First of all, me and my offensive [line] are fine. Let’s just cut that right there. There are no problems here.”

And, he said, he does not notice if a teammate picks him off the ground.

“There’s no fracture between me and my offensive linemen. I love those guys,” Griffin said.

It’s merely the latest in the Life of Robert Griffin III. One week it’s leadership, another it’s his relationship with the coaches or his postgame comments.

"It’s in moments like these we always say, 'Keep your head up,'" Griffin said. "Right now we have to make sure we keep our eyes on the prize, keep our head down away from everything else and really focus in on that tunnel vision that you want to have all the time. It’s paramount right now."