Dez scores, but film session won't be fun

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Dez Bryant's touchdown drought ended with the kind of catch we've become accustomed to seeing him make.

It was a back-shoulder fade against former Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins, who really had no chance being in single coverage against Bryant, who boxed out Jenkins and made a jumping catch in the end zone for his ninth score of the season but first in 14 quarters.

Receivers coach Derek Dooley will probably breeze through that play during the film session reviewing Dallas' Thanksgiving 31-24 win against the Oakland Raiders.

But Bryant anticipates they'll spend plenty of time on his final catch, when he caught a short pass on second-and-goal from the Oakland 7-yard line and had only backup cornerback Phillip Adams between him and the end zone. Bryant attempted to juke Adams and got stopped a few yards shy of pay dirt, a play that will bother him over the long weekend.

“No doubt! No doubt!” said Bryant, who had seven catches for 61 yards and the touchdown. “I screwed it up. I don't know why I didn't keep attacking. I should have kept running outside and I didn't.

“I know I'm going to hear it from coach Dooley. He's going to keep rewinding it. Coach Dooley is all about north and south.”

Another play that Bryant will hear plenty about from his position coach: His fumble during the Cowboys' two-minute drill at the end of the first half, which fortunately was recovered by left tackle Tyron Smith to keep the touchdown drive alive.

That's two consecutive games that Bryant fumbled. That's a trend that needs to end, but he believes focusing on it only increases the odds of him fumbling again. And he also believes worrying about minding his manners on the sidelines -- a reaction to the overreaction to his emotional outbursts during the Cowboys' Oct. 27 loss to Detroit -- has only distracted him.

“I'm being strictly straight up honest,” Bryant said. “After that [fumble] happened, I'm like, forget this. I've got to talk. I don't care who's looking. I'm gonna be me. This is how I've got to be.

“I can't be watching it and be worrying about everything else, worrying about catching the ball and paying attention to the tuck. When I do that, that's when I screw up. I've got to go out there and just play Dez, just got to be Dez.”