Cowboys are missing Dwayne Harris

Who knew the loss of wide receiver Dwayne Harris would be felt this much?

In the Cowboys' victory over the Oakland Raiders, Terrance Williams fumbled the opening kickoff, leading to the Raiders getting the first touchdown of the game.

Cole Beasley's first punt return of the game went for minus-4 yards.

Overall, Williams and Beasley had little issues the rest of the game, but it's clear Harris, out with a hamstring injury, is a force on special teams.

Harris is tied for second in the NFL with 14 yards per punt return and he's second in kick returns at 31.3 per return.

"Dwayne is a good player and he just continues to show up," coach Jason Garrett said. "He is a special-teams guy and we give him chances on offense. We have a lot of confidence in the return guys when he is not out there. I thought Beasley did a good job and for Terrance, those things happen. Terrance is a good kid who really plays the right way. He tries to take advantage of the opportunities he gets and it was unfortunate that one came out to start the ballgame but he'll continue to come back and he'll respond the right way. When we get a guy like Dwayne back, that is just a bonus to give these other guys an opportunity like that, and then you get Dwayne back in your lineup."