Kiffin: Cowboys facing basketball players

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin says his defense will face a couple of basketball players in Monday night's game against the Chicago Bears.

The Bears' starting receivers are Brandon Marshall, 6-4 and 230 pounds, and Alshon Jeffery, 6-3, 216 pounds. Of course, when you add tight end Martellus Bennett, at 6-6, 265 pounds, you got a couple of power forwards.

"They're something else," Kiffin said. "It's like a NBA team getting off the bus, good gosh, all power forwards. You know they can run and jump, and I'm sure they’ve all played basketball somewhere down the line. They're really good athletes and they really do get it to them, and the quarterbacks do a great job, it doesn’t matter who's in there. They put the ball up without a doubt, a heck of a group of receivers."

Jeffery is fourth in the NFL in receiving yards (1,109), and Marshall is ninth (990). Last week, Jeffery set a franchise single-game record with 245 receiving yards in a loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

The Cowboys' tallest defensive back is safety Barry Church at 6-2. But the starting cornerbacks, Orlando Scandrick (5-10) and Brandon Carr (6-0), could have some problems.

"You just got to play the ball," Scandrick said. "When receivers are tall you can't get caught up playing the man, because most of the time when you're going to try to rip through the ball, he's going to get it at its highest point. Were going to have to stay on top of routes."