Tony Romo learns to play the wind

IRVING, Texas – There has been plenty of talk about the elements leading into Monday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears.

Most of it has been dealing with the cold weather.

For rookie wide receiver Terrance Williams, who grew up in Dallas and played at Baylor, there have not been many cold-weather experiences. He has already picked up on a difference in Tony Romo.

“He has to throw the ball a tad bit harder so the wind won’t take it,” Williams said. “Dome-wise, he can put a tad bit more touch. Now with the wind blowing he’s got to put a little more heat on it so it can get to us quicker.”

Romo has dealt with wind in two games this year at Philadelphia and at the New York Giants. Romo completed 51 of 85 passes for 551 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions in the wins against the NFC East rivals.

Romo and coach Jason Garrett said there is added importance of throwing a tighter spiral in the wind so the ball can fly more true.

Romo’s experience playing golf in the wind helps on the football field.

“You’ve got to play it sometimes,” Romo said. “If you’re straight down wind, a level 2 ball you might put at a level 3 and it will turn into a level 2. There are different, varying things you do with that. But I think if you’re good enough you can really use it to your advantage and help your football team.”