Film study big for Cowboys' Dan Bailey

IRVING, Texas – You wouldn’t think a kicker would study much film before a game, but Dallas kicker Dan Bailey is an exception.

Not only has he tried to decipher the Chicago Bears' kick-return game, but he has also studied Bears kicker Robbie Gould. Bailey has never kicked at Soldier Field and wants to see how Gould kicks going in both directions, especially with the cold and windy conditions expected for Monday night.

“Since I’ve never played there I’m going to have to figure it out when I get there,” Bailey said, “but I watch film and see what the wind does. I watched multiple games and kind of see what lines their guy takes. It looks like it’s been pretty windy there almost all the time. I do as much homework as I can from a film standpoint and ultimately I have to just go out there and see what it’s like the day of.”

Before the Cowboys played the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on Nov. 24, Bailey and punter Chris Jones went through earlier and longer pregame warmups to get accustomed to the wind.

“It ended up coming down to a kick and I’m glad we put in the extra prep because we knew exactly where we needed to be and where we wanted to be in that situation,” Bailey said. “I’ll probably do the same thing in Chicago just to try and prepare myself the best way I can.”