NFC East Hashlines

This isn't really connected to the NFC East, but it's an interesting discussion of steroids in the NFL. It's staggering how many Steelers players from the 1970s have died, although we don't know how many of those deaths were related to steroids.

  • Another death in the Cowboys' family. Murphy Martin was a true original. Growing up in the Dallas area in the 1970s, we were fortunate enough to have Martin and Verne Lundquist on our local ABC affiliate.

  • What are the odds of the Cowboys going 16-0? Calvin Watkins discusses that topic on the Cowboys Blog.

  • Newy Scruggs, a sports director for the Dallas-Fort Worth NBC affiliate, doesn't understand why poor Wade Phillips didn't get a raise. Well, it could have something to do with Jerry having to pay for Wade's replacement a year in advance.


  • I forgot to share this Mark Eckel column about the Eagles' linebackers last week. A few scouts have wondered whether Stewart Bradley is suited to play middle linebacker.


  • Aaron Ross' fiancé, Sanya Richards, won the 400 at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field trials in Eugene, Ore. I called Ross about 45 minutes before the race, but he was obviously tied up.

  • Most of the Giants' beat writers are on vacation right now, but you should bookmark this new link for Mike Garafolo's blog.