Jason Garrett proud of Cowboys

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Jason Garrett's message to the Dallas Cowboys after their disappointing 24-22 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles sounded a lot like the one he delivered after their Week 16 win against the Washington Redskins.

“I told them I was just proud to be a part of the group,” Garrett said, “and the way they fight, the way they scratched, the way they clawed, the way they worked, the belief, the will, the determination they showed. It's no different tonight (than in Washington). It might've been stronger tonight. Just time and time again battling and battling and battling trying to give ourselves a chance to win the ballgame. Overcoming all different obstacles and adversities and Nobody ever really blinked.”

But Garrett acknowledged the team did not get the job done. For the third straight year the Cowboys lost in Week 17 with the NFC East title and playoff spot on the line.

“We didn't get the job done and we all have to look at ourselves in the mirror and somehow, someway we have to take next step.”

But how?

“You keep banging away,” Garrett said. “You just keep banging away. There's a lot of great stories in all walks of life of people who were close, close, close and you just keep fighting. You keep battling. You've got to be persistent. You've to keep building and somehow, someway you break through.”