Final exam: Right call to keep Jason Garrett

Team owner Jerry Jones said keeping Jason Garrett as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for another season wasn't a hard decision. Jones, if anything, believes in the program Garrett has put in place at Valley Ranch and expects things to get better.

Jones has praised Garrett for his handling of the roster and maybe in some ways how the head coach has handled the owner. It's not easy coaching for the Cowboys, especially in the post-Jimmy Johnson years.

Jones is the general manager and some of his trades, Roy Williams, Joey Galloway, draft picks, Quincy Carter, Bobby Carpenter, Felix Jones, and free-agent signings and contract extensions, have been questionable.

In some ways, Jones holds a coach back with some of his personnel moves.

Garrett moves forward and picks and chooses when he needs to stand up and when he needs to chill and let the owner/general manager do his job. Garrett is 24-24 in three seasons as head coach, and lost lots of power in 2013.

Jones fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and hired Monte Kiffin. Jones also told Garrett to let go of the offensive play-calling duties so Bill Callahan could take over.

The Kiffin hire was a failure and while everybody believes he's a great football mind, it's clear the game is moving on without him. Callahan is also an excellent coach and should be given credit for improving the offensive line. But there were too many times in 2013 when the play calling was in question. The lack of a running game early in the season and the inability to get Dez Bryant the ball in key moments is something that needs fixing moving forward.

With the issues with the coordinators, Garrett may have seized some of his power back. Jones could say to Garrett, "Alright, this is the final year of your contract. You got control of things again."

If that's the case, then having Garrett return is a positive step. Jones doesn't believe in lame duck statuses for people because you can lose your job regardless of the contract.

Well, Garrett is back in 2014 and he's got the power now to fix the Cowboys.