Did the Eagles drop the ball on Gonzalez?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Philadelphia Daily News columnist Paul Domowitch thinks that the Eagles completely dropped the ball not going after Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez. He actually makes some pretty solid points.

Where they are woefully lacking in production, though -- in both the passing and running games -- is at tight end," writes Domowitch. Their three tight ends have combined for just 16 receptions for 132 yards and two touchdowns. Since Week 2, they have just nine catches for 78 yards.

Poor tight-end play, particularly by Smith, is a big reason the Eagles have converted just six of their last 17 red-zone opportunities into touchdowns. It was Smith who ran that lame slant route Sunday against San Francisco that caused an interception in the red zone. The often-ineffective blocking by the tight ends also is a big reason the Eagles' ground game has been so inefficient this season. They are averaging just 3.6 yards per carry.

According to Domowitch, the Eagles offered a conditional fourth-round pick for Gonzalez, which didn't cause Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson to blink. At 32, Gonzalez is still one of the best receiving tight ends in the game. I've gotten to know L.J. Smith a little bit, and I think he was on his way to becoming a solid tight end in this league. But if that's going to happen now, it won't be in Philadelphia.

The Eagles missed a great opportunity to upgrade their struggling offense. They sat by and watched while Jerry Jones improved his team with Roy Williams. I think the Eagles will regret not being more aggressive when they had the rare chance at the trade deadline.