NFLN survey/Super Bowl QB: Giants

We surveyed 10 players from each NFL team, on condition of anonymity, and asked them a variety of questions. We're rolling out the results of the survey piece-by-piece, and today we present the results from this question:

Two-minute warning and the Super Bowl is on the line. Whom do you want at quarterback?

The winner was the New England Patriots' Tom Brady, with 128 of a possible 320 votes, or a whopping 40 percent. No huge surprise, since Brady has won the Super Bowl three times. The Broncos' Peyton Manning, who's trying for his second Super Bowl title Sunday, was second with 86 votes. Super Bowl champions Aaron Rodgers (32), Drew Brees (21) and Ben Roethlisberger (20) followed, and then came two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning of the New York Giants with nine votes.

I actually have a cute story about this. So far in these posts, I have resisted writing anything about what any of the Giants players I surveyed said or how they voted, since this was supposed to be confidential and revealing any details like that would threaten at least part of the confidentiality. But in this case, I asked the people involved if it would be okay for me to write this, and they said yes, so here goes.

One of the rules for this question (and all of the others) is that you aren't supposed to vote for someone from your own team. But a couple of Giants voted for Eli Manning. And when I brought up the rule in an effort to get them to change it, they refused. One of them said to me, "Come on. I understand the rule, but my teammate has actually done this exact thing twice. How many other quarterbacks in the league can say that?"

And he was right. So we let them keep their answers. Pretty tough to argue.