How the Eagles handle trash talking

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly hasn’t publicly addressed trash talking specifically -- he tends to let his veteran leaders police the locker room -- but he has zero tolerance for any physical escalation.

When the Eagles practiced against the New England Patriots for a few days during training camp, the on-field chatter developed into a shoving match between Eagles cornerback Cary Williams and Patriots wide receiver Aaron Dobson. Kelly and Bill Belichick had agreed on their policy, and both players spent the rest of that practice session on the sideline.

In December, Williams lost his temper in the fourth quarter of an embarrassing 48-30 loss in Minnesota. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis benched Williams after he drew an unnecessary roughness penalty.

The Eagles have a couple of major trash talkers, notably Williams and wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Kelly doesn’t seem to mind as long as things don’t get out of hand.