Big Blue Morning: Is this Strahan's year?

Yeah, the old Michael Strahan-Warren Sapp feud resurfaced Tuesday, which means it must be Super Bowl week. Strahan is up for Pro Football Hall of Fame election Saturday for the second year in a row, and Sapp, who got in last year, doesn't think he should make it.

I'm with Strahan on this one, in that I don't understand why Sapp would make this a cause of his. Part of it may be that he'd like to see his friend and former teammate Derrick Brooks get in instead, but this venom is too much to assign away simply to that. It's clear Sapp hates that Strahan holds the single-season sack record and that he believes Brett Favre handed it to him. But to hold that grudge for 12 years? And to continue it even after you got into the Hall of Fame first? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Maybe Sapp wanted to be the new Regis and is jealous that Strahan got the job instead.

Anyway, we'll have more on Strahan and his thoughts on the Hall of Fame later today, and of course we'll let you know what happens with the election Saturday night.

Meantime, as Jordan Raanan points out, there was a smattering of a Giants presence at Super Bowl Media Day, even without the Giants themselves here. I didn't watch the broadcast to see how P.R. man Pat Hanlon acquitted himself as a commentator. I hope he was as open about his feelings and opinions as he is on Twitter.