10 offseason questions: Romo's recovery

The Cowboys have major decisions to handle regarding their franchise this offseason. Todd Archer and Calvin Watkins along with some guests answer some of biggest issues for the Cowboys this week.

1. Will Tony Romo return to form after back surgery?

Calvin Watkins: Of course he will. The only concern regarding Romo's recovery is when he'll participate in the offseason program. After he had a cyst removed from his back last year, Romo missed some offseason work and came into training camp overweight. Romo was able to get the weight down and ended up having a solid season. But that's coming off minor surgery. What will Romo have for the Cowboys when he comes back from a more serious surgery? The type of surgery Romo has is quite common, yet, the starting quarterback will be 34 when the season begins. The older you get the longer it takes for you to recover from injury. Romo is a tough guy, and is one of the more durable players on the Cowboys. He should be fine, but when he returns is an issue the Cowboys must address by adding a third quarterback.

Todd Archer: Requiring two back surgeries in eight months is not a good thing, but with the reports of how Romo is progressing early in his rehab, I don’t doubt that he can return to form. I think he can be better than he was in 2013. I’m not talking 31 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. I’m talking about his ability to push the ball down the field. I think Scott Linehan will help there. I’m talking about his ability to move. The fact that Romo did not have an offseason of work leading into the 2013 season hurt his conditioning and he was not as free as he has been in the past. He bought time when he was pressured, but not as much as he did in the past. I think he’ll also have more faith in the offensive line. I think the pounding he took in previous years had him expecting the worst and he was quick to get rid of the ball. It helped keep the turnovers down, but it took away some big-play dynamics.