Jerry sees Garrett as long-term coach

INDIANAPOLIS -- Jason Garrett has a contract that runs out after the 2014 season, but owner and general manager Jerry Jones sees Garrett as the coach in 2015 and beyond.

“Jason should know and I know that he knows that the plan here is and has been for him to be long term,” Jones said, “and long term certainly being beyond this year as the coach of the Dallas Cowboys.”

The Cowboys have posted a 29-27 record with Garrett and have finished the last three seasons with 8-8 records, missing the playoffs with Week 17 losses to the New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles.

“It should be a frustration for me to be sitting here with Jason Garrett having been the head coach for three and a half years and having been here (seven) years and be 8-8 the last three years,” Jones said. “So I'm just saying that's a careful evaluation. Does that mean I don't want Jason? I think I want us to have the opportunity and that's why he's staying, to have the opportunity to benefit from this experience over the period of time.”

Garrett isn't the only coach in the final year of his deal. Passing game coordinator Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli are signed through 2014. Jones said some coaches have deals past 2014 and beyond.

“There are millions of people that are getting up this morning and walking out and working and if things don't go well for them this year will not be where they want to be next year,” Jones said.

Jones said the incentive is there for Garrett to perform.

“He's got a high tolerance for ambiguity,” Jones said. “He does. That's very important with this situation.”