RG III: We're getting a fresh start

Robert Griffin III started working out weeks ago, wanting to avoid a repeat of this past season. And making up for lost time because of his knee surgery last offseason.

He's met with coach Jay Gruden -- no football talk allowed just yet -- and he's working with his receivers on occasion. Plus he plans to train with them next month, as well as work with quarterbacks coach Terry Shea, whom he worked with before the 2012 draft.

But, for now, he's looking forward to a new beginning with Gruden's arrival and, he hopes, the end of the stories he endured during the 2013 season.

“We're all excited, everybody in the [Redskins] organization,” Griffin told Fox Sports 1 broadcasters Ron Thulin and Brenda VanLengen during the Baylor-Oklahoma women's basketball game Monday night (courtesy of the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg). “Talking to my teammates, it's not that we're starting over; we're just getting a fresh start. So we've got a new leader at the helm and we're going to be a united front. And I think all those guys are really excited about what's coming.”