What will Cowboys do with Miles Austin?

IRVING, Texas -- Sometimes you can get a feel for what a team wants to do by what it does not do.

Such is the case with Miles Austin and the Dallas Cowboys

While the Cowboys have let DeMarcus Ware know they want to keep him in 2014, just not at his $12.25 million base salary, they have not made the same declaration about Austin.

In order for the Cowboys to use a post-June 1 designation on Austin, they cannot release the two-time Pro Bowler until after the new league year starts on Tuesday. By doing that, the Cowboys would save $5.5 million against the cap, but they would not have access to the money until June 1. Most of that money would go toward the team’s draft picks.

If the Cowboys did not use the designation, they would save less than $400,000 with the move. The downside to the June 1 cut is the cap hit will spread over two years. Austin would count $5.1 million against the cap in 2015 as a June 1 cut.

Austin caught only 24 passes for 244 yards in 2013, missing five games with a hamstring injury and failing to catch a pass in two contests. With the emergence of Terrance Williams, the Cowboys could partner the second-year receiver with Dez Bryant in the starting lineup but could also look to low-cost veterans in free agency.