Cowboys must deal with Mincey issues

ORLANDO, Fla. -- In his seven NFL seasons, Jeremy Mincey can be best described as a good player on the field, but inconsistent off it.

The Cowboys signed Mincey as a potential starter at defensive end, but last season in Jacksonville there were issues.

Mincey wasn't allowed to travel to to a road game at Houston for violating team rules and he was deactivated for another game for missing meetings. Mincey told reporters he was distracted with a new baby and starting a business.

Mincey wasn't using it as an excuse, but just dealing with his issues. Eventually things became too much for the Jags and they released him and he was later picked up by Denver.

"I think there were some distractions there for him," Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said Tuesday of Mincey at the NFL owners meetings. "We tried to work though those distractions. We texted each other when he was at Denver and I wished him well at the Super Bowl. I just think he had maybe too many distractions and to be in another environment where there are loss of those I think maybe is good."

Bradley said Mincey is a good person and enjoyed talking with him about growing up in the NFL.

Asked if Mincey is an undisciplined guy, Bradley laughed and said, "on the field, no."

"He is really strong. He is good at the point of attack. I think he has some inside rush. For us, he got some pressure on the quarterback. For him to be in that environment or to go to Denver I think was a good move for him. I know I have had extended conversations with him and you do gravitate towards him. He is open minded to listening and hearing things. And with a guys like (Cowboys defensive coordinator) Rod Marinelli there he will continue to improve."