Jerry Jones speaks for Bill Callahan

During a chat with reporters, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones defended the team's decision to take play-calling duties away from Bill Callahan.

Jones said all Callahan wanted was to know what the roles were.

The Cowboys removed the play-calling duties from Callahan and gave them to Scott Linehan. Callahan wanted to leave the Cowboys due to this decision and was denied the ability to do so.

The Cowboys cited Callahan's solid work with the offensive line, which produced a Pro Bowl season from left tackle Tyron Smith.

"He's professional and a good one, an outstanding one," Jones said. "Bill would be the first one to tell you, and I'll tell you for him: He just wants good, nice bright lines as to what our responsibilities are and what we need to be doing. That's easier to say than to do. Not only in coaching, but many things. All he wanted to do, let's try to brighten the lines up. Let's get clearer as to some of our duties."

Callahan, like coach Jason Garrett, enters the last year of his contract with the Cowboys, so regardless of what happens in 2014 somebody likely won't be here.

Callahan is a solid coach, but was placed in a situation of calling plays for an offensive system he didn't have a deep knowledge on. Callahan is versed in the West Coast offense, but coaching is coaching, right?

In the offseason, he spent his vacation at Valley Ranch learning the concepts of the offense to make sure he got things right. Yet, Callahan, much like Garrett, had some problems in calling enough running plays and getting Dez Bryant involved in the offense on a consistent basis.

"The head coach has a right, almost has a duty to adjust every year and adjust his staff and adjust what [the] staff is doing, relative to his experience in the past year or past years," Jones said. "It goes on every day. So, [Callahan] a professional coach, been a head coach, both college and pro and so, he knows his agreement to coach for the Cowboys and that was not tough at all to say we're not about to [let him go]. We had many opportunities, from other clubs, other clubs wanted him, several, that's the last thing we need to be doing, is losing a good coach, losing not only an offensive line coach but really losing a good offensive coach."