The end of Jerry and Jimmy

This has been a year of anniversaries around the Cowboys.

It's the 25-year anniversary of Jerry Jones buying the team and today is the 20th anniversary of the departure of coach Jimmy Johnson after two Super Bowl titles.

Jones was asked about his thoughts on the anniversary.

"It's so funny," Jones began. "In the NFL, and I'll show you guys one of these days, the agreement and show you guys the dynamics behind the agreement, ya'll need to see that. Somebody start saying that in the NFL that the ultimate decision maker is not the owner, they need to come read the rules of the NFL. If it so happen, the GM is the owner, and then you got the coach, then the ultimate decision maker is obvious and that's by the bylaws of the NFL."

One of the biggest disputes between Johnson and Jones was who deserved credit for the success of the franchise. They both deserve it, but the egos of the pair were too much to overcome.

"So if it came down to a you know what contest between me and a coach because of that agreement of something written down or something perceived to have been written down, it's not worth the paper it's written on," Jones said. "On who makes the call, relative to the owner, if that were an issue. But the piece of paper is not even an issue. The most ridiculous thing that others knew about a trade before I did, when they couldn't make a trade, until I made it. Period. No such thing. You couldn't make a draft pick, it was ridiculous."

Tim Cowlishaw, who covered the Cowboys during the Jones-Johnson era for the Dallas Morning News, does a radio show on ESPN Dallas affiliate 103.3 FM. Cowlishaw said he tried to get Johnson on the radio on Friday afternoon to speak about the breakup.

Johnson declined.