DeMarcus Ware deals with life after football

During the course of the 2013 season, DeMarcus Ware was asked about the business side of the NFL. We’re not talking about handling his money, the conversation was about how NFL teams treat its players.

Ware has a keen understanding of what that business is. He could be cut at any moment and the team wouldn’t care about what he did for them in the past

The Cowboys released Ware in a salary-cap move and partially because of his injury history. Ware is now with the Denver Broncos and he’s still thinking about the business side of things.

But not about what a NFL team might do to him because, well frankly, the Cowboys, the only team he’s ever known, cut him.

Ware is thinking about life after football.

In an interview with MMQB’s Robert Klemko, Ware talks about going back to school. Ware attended the NFL’s Player Engagement program, held on the Notre Dame campus last week about becoming an entrepreneur.

The programs are held at other college campuses.

Check out what Ware had to say about his post-NFL life here.