Cowboys' draft board close to finalized

IRVING, Texas -- Months of work is about to be wrapped up this week with the NFL draft starting on Thursday, and the Dallas Cowboys still have some work to do on their board.

"We're still tweaking it," executive vice president Stephen Jones said. "I wouldn't say it's finalized but it's close."

With the draft pushed back, some teams have delayed their evaluation process. The New Orleans Saints staff recently went to Las Vegas to break up the monotony and to avoid overanalyzing things.

Jones does not believe the extra time is a negative.

The extra time has allowed the coaches to be more involved in the process so the scouting staff can put players that are better fits for the Cowboys' offense, defense or special teams in the correct spots.

"I think if you do your work and do it right, I hadn't seen people backing up on things," Jones said. "I think it just allows you do to a little more further study on guys and make sure you have him right and not overlooked something. I don't think the ‘study long, study wrong' is an issue here. I think it's been good for us and we certainly look at it as a way to be better than we've been in the past."