Manziel: It would be cool to play for Dallas

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel told Pro Football Talk Live on Thursday that it would be cool to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

There are several mock drafts, ESPN's Todd McShay's and NFL Network's Mike Mayock, that have the Cowboys selecting Manziel in the first round.

The Cowboys, with the No. 16 overall pick, have needs along the defense and general manager Jerry Jones said this week that he doesn't want to draft a quarterback to sit behind Tony Romo for one or two seasons.

Still, the possibility of drafting Manziel has raised speculation about the Cowboys' thought process.

"I mean anything is possible," Manziel said on Pro Football Talk Live. "I think all 32 teams are in play, you never know. Some of these teams, they’ve done way wackier things than that. For me it would really, really cool to go there, but not something I have stuck in my head. Jerry Jones has been extremely nice to me. He’s treated me very, very well and we’ve developed a little bit of a friendship over the past year and a half, just going to games or whatever it be."

Manziel has attended sporting events at AT&T Stadium, where he's met Jones. Manziel has also hung out with Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant recently, so there is a mutual respect from members in the organization, whether's its somebody in the front office to one of the players.

But it doesn't guarantee the Cowboys will draft Manziel.

"I went to A&M, redshirted, and sat behind [Ryan] Tannehill and learned a lot," Manziel said. "There’s guys that [have] been in the league and know a lot more than I know going in. If I need to sit and learn from them for a year or whatever the case may be, then I’m openly willing to do that if that’s what’s best for the team. That’s all I care about."