Cowboys have affinity for Boise State

IRVING, Texas -- It started with Orlando Scandrick in the fifth round of the 2008 draft. It moved on to Tyrone Crawford in the third round of the 2012 draft. On Friday, the Dallas Cowboys made Demarcus Lawrence the third player from Boise State they have drafted, taking him in the second round.

“We like Boise guys,” coach Jason Garrett said. “We always take a hard look at where the player has played, what kind of program (it is) and what that program is all about. They do a great job up there. It's a very competitive program. The players that come out of there compete; they play hard. We've got two of them, so we feel really good about how this guy has learned to play football and the environment he's been in.”

Garrett acknowledged the chip-on-the-shoulder factor. Executive vice president Stephen Jones mentioned another factor.

“They play with a hot motor,” Jones said. “Their motor runs high and I think that attracts people in the NFL. To play in our game, to play in the NFL you've got to have a passion for it and you've got to play every play and I think they get coached that way out there from the start out in Boise. So you see a lot of that in them and it's easy to start to like a guy. Obviously when you see some players and maybe they're not as coached up then you start to see a lot of plays off and this and that, then you start to downgrade a player. You've got to give it to them. We've looked at a lot of their guys the last 3-4 years and turn on tape and they're rolling.”

Crawford helped recruit Lawrence to Boise State.

“When I was on my visit he asked me for a pass-rush move and I told him one and he got a sack that game,” Lawrence said. “So when I get to Dallas he's got to show me some love, too.”

Crawford will be more than willing to help and serve as a mentor.

“We just like to work hard,” Crawford said of the Boise State players. “Good, character guys. I don't know what it is the Cowboys in particular that love the Boise guys but you know as Boise guys and defensive guys we do have great coaching there. We fit into the system there and we fit into the system we play here.

“We definitely feel like we can compete with anybody and even if we can't we're going to say we can. We're going to go into it like we can.”