Eagles scouting department draws criticism

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Former Raiders and Browns personnel executive Mike Lombardi now writes for SI.com and he apparently blogs for The National Football Post. Lombardi does a nice job pulling back the curtain on the scouting industry. In this post , he explains how he graded his staff in Oakland and how the Eagles have whiffed completely on seven of their 24 second- and third-round picks.

"When you look at the names, what is most alarming is for all the talk about being cap sound and adding youth to the team, the names are not impressive, even if they do start," writes Lombardi. "The Eagles are not a talent rich team -- maybe that is why I defend McNabb so strongly. As John Madden used to say, 'having a great quarterback is a great deodorant.'"

"Finding talent is a talent -- and the Eagles have the right plan in theory, but not in practice."

Lombardi won't make many friends with the Eagles saying things like this, but you have to admit that the numbers are pretty interesting.