What could the Cowboys fetch?

IRVING, Texas -- If the Los Angeles Clippers can reportedly fetch $2 billion, then what would the Dallas Cowboys be worth?

It was a question Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones was asked during an appearance on 1310 The Ticket in Dallas.

“All I can tell you is it doesn’t matter what the number is and Jerry’s not selling,” Jones said.

Last July, Forbes estimated the Cowboys worth $2.1 billion. The Cowboys were one of five sports franchises estimated to be worth more than $2 billion with Real Madrid ($3.3 billion), Manchester United ($3.165 billion), Barcelona ($2.6 billion) and the New York Yankees ($2.3 billion).

In January, Forbes valued the Clippers at $575 million.

“Obviously sports franchises are tremendous content,” Jones said. “It’s obviously a getaway for our culture, our society to escape the stress and every day pressures of work by watching sport, whether it’s football, whether it’s basketball, baseball, hockey, any sport. Watching their kids play sports, people enjoy it. I think people are drawn to it. There’s only a finite group of teams that are out there. Obviously that one being in LA makes it even more special. When you see the Dodgers go for what they go for, I guess I’m not totally floored, but it’s obviously a big number.”

And a number the Cowboys could eclipse, but never will.

Jerry Jones isn’t selling.