Gurode's out of the game

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

PHILADELPHIA -- Cowboys Pro Bowl center Andre Gurode missed most of that last series with an injury and was replaced by Cory Procter. When Tony Romo and Procter started practicing the snap exchange, the ball ended up on the ground once, causing the crowd to mock them.

We'll keep you posted on Gurode. That would be a serious problem if he can't return. The Eagles are strong up the middle with Brod Bunkley and Mike Patterson. And there's a good chance the ball ends up on the ground at some point. I don't why the Eagles keep putting LeSean McCoy in situations where he's blocking DeMarcus Ware. Also, Donovan McNabb has to get rid of that ball sooner on the screen pass.

Here's what I'm seeing on DeSean Jackson. The Cowboys have Terence Newman on him at the line of scrimmage and then Sensabaugh's taking him over the top. At least that's what I've seen the last couple plays. McCoy has a nice burst. The Cowboys took Newman off the field for one play to give him a quick breather. Scary for the Cowboys that Sensabaugh's spending time on the sideline.

Eagles left tackle Jason Peters (ankle) has returned to the game.