Eagles still looking for a kick returner

Training camp is slightly more than three weeks away and the Philadelphia Eagles don’t have a No. 1 kick returner.

Actually, they’re not sure at all who will return kickoffs and punts.

“We’ve got a bunch of options, so I’m excited about it,” special teams coach Dave Fipp told CSNPhilly.com in this story. “I think it’s great. It’s better than having none.”

Damaris Johnson and DeSean Jackson each returned punts last season, with Johnson returning kickoffs as well.

But CSNPhilly.com noted that the Eagles ranked 25th in the NFL in kick return average last season (21.4) and 27th in punt return average (6.6).

“DeSean Jackson a year ago, there’s times he’s sucking wind because he’s playing a lot on offense and he’s thrown into a returner role, and maybe it’s hard at that moment,” Fipp told CSNPhilly.com. “So you have to look at the big picture. What’s he being asked to do? How many plays does he play in the game? All those things factor into it to some degree.”

The Eagles could use running back Darren Sproles or rookie wide receiver Josh Huff. There’s also running back Chris Polk or wide receiver Brad Smith.

And there’s time to figure this whole situation out.

How will it play out?

“Who’s the best,” Fipp told CSNPhilly.com. “How much energy is he going to have? But it’s who can do it the best, ultimately -- who gets the ball out the furthest.”