Coughlin gives Giants chance to cool down

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- So halfway through the New York Giants' training camp practice Wednesday, the whole team left the field, walked over into the field house and stood there for five minutes before coming back out and finishing practice.

Yes, it was odd.

What they told the fans as it was happening was that the team was going inside for a "cool-down break" and would return, which as I said it did. After the practice, coach Tom Coughlin confirmed that's what it was. He said that because four players had to leave Tuesday's practice due to issues with the heat, he promised he'd build a break into Wednesday's practice -- even though he didn't think it was as hot Wednesday.

"Today we had a breeze and we had cloud cover," said Coughlin, who stayed outside and talked to former Giant Shaun O'Hara instead of partaking in the shade himself. "But I said I was going to do it, so I did it."

Coughlin said he might keep doing it, in fact. Liked some things about it even other than the health benefits.

"If I keep it, it would be because of the heat we experienced [Tuesday], and there's nothing wrong with that," Coughlin said. "It gives them a sense of first half/second half. It gives them an opportunity to cool a little bit and come back ready to go. It gives me an opportunity, too, because after they've had the break they should be flying around."

For the record, not one Giants player left Wednesday's practice due to a heat issue. And all of those who left Tuesday's returned and practiced in full Wednesday.