RG III report: Strong finish

RICHMOND, Va. -- With the speed the Washington Redskins have at receiver, if defenses don’t get home on the blitz, the Redskins will be in position for some big plays on short passes. We saw that the other day when quarterback Robert Griffin III hit Andre Roberts on a short pass over the middle with two defenders blitzing on the left side.

Another reminder was provided Monday when Griffin connected with DeSean Jackson on a shallow route versus a blitz. The play would have resulted in a good chunk of yardage. It makes me wonder how often teams will blitz knowing the speed Washington has at receiver -- if they don’t get to Griffin.

The key for Griffin will be reading the blitz and being decisive with his throw. The Redskins’ defense has helped him by giving him multiple looks and using a variety of blitzes.

Another time, Jackson and Griffin hooked up on a route in which the quarterback pumped the ball on an outside route and then came back inside to Jackson. That pump bought Jackson enough time to separate in the slot -- he was a forgotten man because of the pump -- and also provided him room to run afterward.

Later, Griffin and Jackson connected again at the goal line. Jackson was covered by Richard Crawford, so Griffin was patient, let Jackson win the route and made the throw.

But Jackson might have been drilled on another pass these two combined on, a deep play-action throw. Griffin lofted a pass over the top of corner DeAngelo Hall to Jackson -- a good throw. Safety Ryan Clark was racing over and, had it been a game, it would have been interesting to see the potential collision. Jackson did spot him as soon as he caught the ball and avoided him. But Clark also pulled off.

For the most part, Griffin was sharp Monday. He did take off running once, when the defense was in man and the middle of the field opened. Griffin was unable to connect on his fade routes. Even when we’ve see him throw this pass in the past he was inconsistent. Monday, he threw one to rookie Ryan Grant, a guy he hasn’t thrown a whole lot with.

But after the first five days of camp, Griffin has ended on an upswing. Really, he’s had one bad day (during the first day rain). Since then, he’s been solid with an occasional tough throw. Last summer he was much more erratic.