QB coach: On deep throws, Romo tentative

OXNARD, Calif. -- Tony Romo has never possessed the strongest of arm, but he has had one of the quicker releases for NFL quarterbacks.

In six padded practices, Romo has had some of his deep balls flutter and float, which quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson attributed to Romo's back surgery. Wilson said all of the intermediate throws required have been spot on.

"I think he's been a little tentative with it," Wilson said. "Hopefully he's going to get four days off now because he won't do much (Tuesday), we travel Wednesday, play the game and then they're off on Friday. Hopefully with four days of complete rehab he can come back on Saturday and start to look like his old self completely."

Romo is not expected to play Thursday against the San Diego Chargers and the Cowboys do not return to practice until Saturday. Romo has taken part in six of the nine full-padded practices in camp so far.

Wilson said the Cowboys don't throw a lot of go routes in the season, but they do more with back-shoulder throws to Dez Bryant because of how defenses cover the receiver.

Romo had two noticeably wobbly throws on Sunday and Monday. He said his footwork was an issue on a long throw that wide receiver Terrance Williams had to come back and grab, and a deep slot throw to Cole Beasley that went for a touchdown was not a tight spiral. Before the throw Romo had to slide to his left to avoid pressure while throwing to his right.

Wilson does not believe the early camp issues with the deep ball are an arm issue or will be a problem during the season.

"He can get the ball down the field, that's not an issue," Wilson said. "I think as camp goes on he'll get nothing but stronger and more confident in his throws."