How I See It: NFC East Stock Watch

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Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley



1. Donovan McNabb, Eagles quarterback: He was under heavy pressure for much of the game, but he still needed to make more plays. McNabb was only 16-of-30 and it looked like he was frustrated by the Cowboys taking away the deep ball. When he had time to step into throws, he was bouncing them at times. And when you saw him with all of that open field in the fourth quarter, you just knew he would run for the first down. Instead, Cowboys rookie linebacker Victor Butler chased him down from behind for a sack. Tony Romo was the best quarterback on the field in Sunday's game. Not sure how anyone can argue against that.


2. Corey Webster, Giants cornerback: I thought this guy was an elite cornerback, but he's regressed in recent weeks. I didn't think he played well against the Chargers. In fact, second-year corner Terrell Thomas had a much better game, in my opinion. Webster had a horrible missed tackle against the Eagles. On Sunday against the Chargers, he wasn't reacting as quickly as he needed to.

3. Redskins' offensive line: How can you single out one player after that dreadful performance in the first half? Quarterback Jason Campbell never had a chance while being sacked five times.There's a reason that Mike Williams was out of the league for so long. Kudos to offensive line coach Joe Bugel for lighting a fire under his unit in the second half. The offensive line gave Campbell a little time -- and he responded by leading a spirited comeback. This may be the worst offensive line in the league right now. And that's where you have to start rebuilding this team.



1. Roy Williams, Cowboys wide receiver: After making more comments about not being on the same page with Romo, Williams came out and had a nice game. In fact, Romo looked to Williams more than he did Miles Austin for much of the game. I think you have to credit Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett for creating some good situations for Williams on slants. The Eagles had trouble covering him -- and that's a great sign for the Cowboys.


2. Mike Jenkins, Cowboys cornerback: He's becoming a pretty dependable player for the Cowboys. When McNabb tried to go up top to Jeremy Maclin, Jenkins undercut the route and made a nice play on the ball for the interception. The Cowboys didn't feel like they had to follow DeSean Jackson around with Terence Newman, in part, because they have so much faith in Jenkins right now.

3. Eli Manning, Giants quarterback: He was very efficient and he cut down on his mistakes.


The Chargers did a nice job of taking away the deep ball, so Manning just managed the offense down the field. He was under a lot of pressure and I was impressed with how he escaped trouble. It was a crushing loss, but you can't blame this one on Manning. It will give him something to build on as the Giants head into their bye week. The week off should be really good for Manning's injured foot.