Cary Williams heads for enemy territory

PHILADELPHIA -- Cornerback Cary Williams speaks his mind, for better or worse. Last week, his mind was on the New England Patriots being “cheaters” for the Spygate scandal and on Williams’ distaste for having to spend three days on the same field with them.

On Monday, the day the Philadelphia Eagles actually headed north for their visit with the Belichick family?

“I’m sorry, you’re not going to get a story out of me,” Williams said after the Eagles’ brief walk-through practice at the NovaCare Complex. “You’re not going to get anything from Cary Williams. That was last week. It is what it is. The day is here. I look forward to the opportunity and the challenge.”

Not that Williams feels any differently.

"I'm employee 26," Williams said, referring to his uniform number. "I do what I'm told. Coach says,`Go up there and practice against them,' I'm going to go up there and practice against them. There's no bitterness in my heart about the situation. I look at it as an opportunity to get better."

Williams developed his antipathy toward the Patriots while he was playing in the AFC for the Baltimore Ravens. Last summer, when the Patriots came to Philadelphia for several days of joint practices, Williams didn’t care for the guests’ demeanor. So he got into a fight with rookie wide receiver Aaron Dobson and was removed from the practice by head coach Chip Kelly.

At the time, Williams was also trying to help a very tentative Eagles defense -- with players in unfamiliar roles as they switched from a 4-3 base to a 3-4 alignment -- develop a bit of swagger. Williams took it upon himself to display that attitude, and the result was not what Kelly was looking for during the carefully orchestrated practices.

Williams said the Eagles’ team attitude is “way different” this year compared to last year. He declined to go into any detail.

“It’s going to be different, that’s all I’m going to say,” Williams said.

His public expressions of distaste for the Patriot Way are very likely to result in some unkind words during this week’s practice sessions. There are also likely to be some Patriots fans around to express themselves.

“I don’t care,” Williams said. “I play this game to play the game well. At the end of the day, if I hear from fans, it’s not the first thing, it’s not the worst thing I’ve heard from anybody. It’s just another day at the office for me.”