Goodell tired of talking about Pacman

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can't go anywhere without being asked about the life and times of Adam "Pacman" Jones. Goodell has crossed the pond to prepare for Sunday's Saints-Chargers game in London, but he's still fielding questions about Jones, who recently checked into an alcohol treatment center.

Goodell has left the door cracked for a possible comeback for the troubled player, but he's been in no mood to talk about redemption in the aftermath of Pacman's latest incident.

"I've been consistent on this one. He has to recognize his responsibility to play in the NFL," Goodell said from London. "He has not made good decisions. I think after this latest incident it was clear to me there was something else going on that we need to evaluate and we need to address directly."

The message is pretty clear: The commissioner is tired of one player grabbing so many headlines for all the wrong reasons. Goodell's first inclination may have been to impose a lifetime ban, but he decided to allow Pacman time to seek help.

Talking to Mike & Mike in the Morning, Goodell added, "If [Pacman] can deal with whatever issues he may have, handle his responsibilities, make good decisions, then he may have an opportunity to play again in the league. I'm frankly tired of talking about it right now."

And I think that pretty much sums up how most of us feel.