Balancing Cowboys' 'glitz and glamour'

IRVING, Texas -- What is the Dallas Cowboys' identity?

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones has an idea.

In announcing a partnership between the Cowboys and Hublot, a Swiss watchmaker, on Monday night at AT&T Stadium, Jones came up with a slogan.

“We’re the glitz and glamour of the NFL,” Jones said. “Tex Schramm told me, ‘Let Houston down there at the time, let them have the checkered table clothes and saw-dust floors. Cowboys do not mean getting on a horse and riding. They mean the glitz and glamour of Dallas.’ That’s what we want to be. And obviously we want to show how to kick their you-know-what with glitz and glamour.”

Has glitz and glamour replaced Super Bowls and winning?

Well, as always with the Cowboys, it depends on which Jerry Jones is speaking.

On Monday, that was Owner Jerry speaking. Jones is a business man’s business man. He can sell anything to anyone. He can build a $1.2 billion stadium in the middle of a recession. He can sell out the largest stadium in the NFL with a team that has won two playoff games since its last Super Bowl win on Jan. 28, 1996.

General Manager Jerry was not speaking Monday, at least not in front of the Hublot execs and friends on hand for the announcement.

And that’s where the issues always come up with the Cowboys. The other 31 teams don’t have these issues. The other 31 teams have a separation between ownership and football that always gives the perception that football matters most.

With the Cowboys, that’s not always the case. There’s not another team that would have a press conference involving key players like Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Tyron Smith and DeMarco Murray, as well as the head coach, Jason Garrett, with a practice that started at around 8:15 the next morning.

There are many things that come with dinner in being involved with the Cowboys. Owner Jerry and General Manager Jerry are at the top of the list.

Garrett has said on more than one occasion since taking over as coach in 2011 that he is trying to build a tough, physical football team. Glitz and glamour are not among the prerequisites for the “right kind of guys” he is seeking.

As Jones made the glitz and glamour comment Monday night, Garrett smiled.

At his Tuesday press conference, Garrett was asked how he feels about the Cowboys being the “glitz and glamour” of the NFL.

“Maybe that’s a reference to the organization and the history and the deal that they made with Hublot, a watch maker from Switzerland,” Garrett said. “Certainly our football team is based on having the right kind of guys who love to play football and go out there and work hard each and every day and try to have the kind of demeanor, attitude, body language of a tough-minded football team. That’s what we’re trying to build here.

“Business decisions are different than what we’re trying to accomplish with our football team.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell.