Simms and Cowher critical of Cowboys D

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The crew on Showtime's "Inside the NFL" didn't hold anything back when asked about the Cowboys on Wednesday's show. Cris Collinsworth called the Cowboys "the most individualistic team in the league," which sounds fairly accurate to me.

Added Phil Simms: "When I watch the Cowboys it's like a boxing match. They want to go out there and win a decision by dancing around. Sooner or later you got to punch somebody in the mouth. They don't punch anybody in the mouth. The first thing I notice about all their games is they are never the aggressor physically and you can't win in the NFL unless you are."

And here's what Bill Cowher said: "You have to cater your defense to what you have personnel-wise. They have coverage issues. In my mind what they have to do is get some way to create pressure. I know [Demarcus] Ware is a good rusher. But at the same time they got to get there quicker. They've got to be more disruptive with their front. I look at this team right now and they are trying to play the same way they did when they had everybody healthy. They don't have everybody healthy. Right now you've got to cater that defense to what you have and they aren't doing that."

If you want to see the video, click here and then scroll down and click "Inside the NFL Answers Your Questions: Oct. 22nd."