Zorn frustrated by not calling plays

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

We've now seen head coach Jim Zorn's replacement as playcaller, Sherm Lewis, for two games. The Redskins performed admirably in the second half against the Falcons on Sunday, but I haven't seen a huge difference. When you have a putrid offensive line that is now missing right tackle Mike Williams, it's hard for anyone to call plays.

During his weekly radio hit on ESPN 980 in Washington D.C., Zorn sounded off on his frustration with no longer calling plays. Thanks to sportsradiointerviews.com for sending us the transcript:

"Well, it depends on if you’re trying to throw all that into one emotional excitement about only calling plays and that’s the only thing I’m good for," Zorn told the station. "I would say no, not in that area because I think I try to take the overall responsibility of being the head football coach and getting everybody to help these guys not jump offside or to not lineup in the neutral zone. I’m responsible for that stuff, too. Those are the kinds of things that keep the game going and having to pay attention. It certainly takes away something that I think I’m very good at and that’s a frustration."

Zorn also talked about cornerback DeAngelo Hall's situation following Sunday's sideline fracas -- as my guy Adam Schefter likes to call it:

"I think what’s happened is it’s something that the press wants to continue to have an answer for and he continues to get asked about it. [Host: To be fair though coach, he brought it up.] But he was being interviewed at the time. He didn’t try to have a press conference over it either. Our players are available to the press and all you have to say is what happened on the sidelines. So he had his take on it. I think the answer to the question is he will move on from it. He was upset about it. He’s a vocal kid and he likes to tell people how he feels. I think it’ll just move on, he’ll concentrate and he’ll be ready. The media will continue to try and bring it up, hopefully we’ll try and get past it and I think it’s that type of situation really."