Eagles trail early in San Diego

SAN DIEGO -- After Eagles punter Sav Rocca shanked a punt, the Chargers had great field position. On the touchdown, coach Norv Turner did a nice job of putting fullback Mike Tolbert in a one-on-one situation with Eagles middle linebacker Chris Gocong, who is playing out of position.

Gocong, who hasn't played middle linebacker since high school, allowed Tolbert to cross his face and the fullback had an easy touchdown. Early on, the Chargers were getting the ball to tight end Antonio Gates with ease. The Eagles can't handle tight ends -- and that's not lost on Turner.

The Eagles have already thrown two passes to Reggie Brown, who's barely on this roster. Why would you try to dial up Brown deep when you have Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson? I can't answer that. Eagles have the Chargers pinned deep in their own territory now. LaDainian Tomlinson looks slow to me -- and I realize that I'm not breaking news with that stunning observation.

The Chargers had Tomlinson's replacement ready to go in the form of Michael Turner. He's now a star running back for the Atlanta Falcons.