Westbrook sidelined in second half

SAN DIEGO -- After a fairly productive first half, Eagles running back Brian Westbrook hasn't put his helmet on during the second half. He stood on the sideline early in the second half and he's since retreated to the bench, where he's wearing a baseball cap.

The Eagles have not issued any updates on Westbrook's status. And with the Eagles trailing by two scores, it's not like they've turned to the running game. Westbrook's absence has forced Andy Reid to play rookie running back LeSean McCoy, something he should've been doing from the start.

The Eagles just started this drive (12:13 left) in a four-receiver set. They're using McCoy as a receiver and they're dragging Jason Avant across the middle on underneath routes. Now would be a good time for the Eagles to dial up a deep ball to DeSean Jackson. Ladies and gentlemen, Avant has taken over this football game. Seriously.