What they're saying about Westbrook

Let's take a quick look at all the stories written about Eagles running back Brian Westbrook this morning.

  • Paul Domowitch of the Daily News doesn't think the Eagles can make it to the playoffs without Westbrook in the lineup.

  • Bob Brookover of the Inquirer catches up with Rich Gannon to talk about concussions. He also had an interesting conversation with a professor of neurology from the University of Pennsylvania. Asked about Westbrook's injury, Dr. Douglas H. Smith said, "It's not that you've just lost cognitive skills, but you've also increased the chances of having a worse problem later on in life. It's a very serious risk." It's important to note that Smith does not have direct knowledge of Westbrook's injury.

  • Marcus Hayes of the Daily News caught up with former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan to talk about Westbrook's concussions. Here's how Strahan described what one of his friends from the league goes through on a daily basis: "One of my good friends takes Alzheimer's medicine right now to combat some of the issues with concussions," Strahan said. "The memory loss, and all those things. He's in his 30s. It's unfortunate to see that in such a young person."

  • Reuben Frank of the Burlington County Times looks back at a story that was written about Troy Polamalu in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. There's apparently no magic number in terms of how many concussions can end a player's career.

  • Brian Seltzer of ESPN 950 has an in-depth look at the sort of testing that Westbrook will undergo today.

  • Here's what the Beast wrote about Westbrook on Tuesday evening.