Brad Johnson asked about his status

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys quarterback Brad Johnson seemed a bit irritated by questions Wednesday about whether he's worried about being replaced by Brooks Bollinger for Sunday's game against the Giants. He told local reporters that he wasn't "looking over his shoulder," but he gave the New York media a longer explanation.

The Giants media didn't waste any time coming after Johnson. The first question was, "How thin of a piece of ice are you on in terms of Bollinger perhaps looking over your shoulder?"

"I have really just kind of focused in on taking care of myself and trying to help this team win," said Johnson. "Last week was that kind of a case and I'm just trying to play smart football and give our team a chance to win. So that is really the only thing I can focus on -- not really what people want to get conjured up."

Johnson told the Giants media the same thing he told me earlier Wednesday. He said he hadn't been informed that Bollinger would take any extra snaps in practice this week. And Cowboys coach Wade Phillips backed that up during his visit with the Giants media corps today.

"No, I haven't talked to anyone," said Johnson when asked about Bollinger receiving more reps. "The only thing I have done is that I have been in here Monday and watched the film, worked out. Tuesday I watched all of the Giants film. I met with the coaches. And that is the only thing we have talked about -- just the game plan for the Giants."