McNabb issues the dreaded 'must-win'

In the watered-down NFC, a loss by the Eagles on Sunday night in Chicago wouldn't necessarily eliminate them from the playoff race. But don't say that to quarterback Donovan McNabb, who delivered one of the most overused phrases in sports earlier this afternoon. Asked whether returning home to Chicago still meant something to him, here's what McNabb said:

"This game is a little more special because we definitely need this game," McNabb said. "It's not for me just going back home. I think that's something early on in your career that you look forward to going home and playing in front of your family and friends. But this is a must win for us and that's the way we have to approach it. I wouldn't care if it was Soldier Field, Champaign, Illinois or Oklahoma. That's the way I'm approaching it."

The Eagles continue to await word on running back Brian Westbrook's trip to Pittsburgh, where he met with specialists about his recent concussions. Coach Andy Reid said that Westbrook's absence this Sunday against the Bears would probably open the door for more running plays for fullback Leonard Weaver.

"I add [Leonard] Weaver into the mix," Reid said. "He has versatility. He can also be a ball carrier and he's good in the pass game. His versatility allows me not to make a move at this particular time, plus I don't really know the outcome on what they're going to say on Brian, so we have to see as time goes on here.

"And with [LeSean] McCoy, he has done a nice job when he has had an opportunity to practice prior to the games and take the majority of the reps. When that happens, he ends up playing good football."

Though he doesn't want to say it publicly, something tells me that Reid's proceeding as if he won't have Westbrook for the rest of the season.