Good news for Westbrook

In a statement that was released earlier this evening by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the Eagles, doctors said that running back Brian Westbrook's symptoms from a second concussion in three weeks had improved significantly and that he's expected to make a full recovery.


"We are very encouraged by Brian’s progress, we believe that he has an excellent prognosis and we expect a full recovery,” Dr. Joseph Maroon and Dr. Michael Collins said in the joint statement. “We developed a comprehensive physical rehab plan for Brian, and we will repeat the detailed testing in the next two to three weeks."

The doctors described Westbrook's second concussion against the Chargers as a "much milder concussion which was not related to loss of consciousness but associated only with dizziness and headache."

This is about the best news Westbrook could've hoped for. I'm still not sure whether he'll play again this season, but it looks like he'll be able to continue playing football at some point in the future.

The doctors also went out of their way to commend the Eagles on their "conservative" approach with Westbrook. Maroon is the longtime team neurosurgeon for the Steelers. He's dealt with Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, who's had numerous concussions during his football career dating back to high school.