Fear factor high with Runyan

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

If I can take a moment to shill for my NFL Blog Network brethren, let me point you to our Fear Factor package, which arrives just in time for that most sacred of holidays, Halloween. Kevin Seifert took a break from his NFC North duties to pull the story together.

I didn't realize that Eagles offensive tackle Jon Runyan was such a feared player. Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan talks about his fear of ending up one-on-one with Runyan on a screen pass:

"A screen with Jon Runyan with [Brian] Westbrook behind him," Finnegan said. "One-on-one with Runyan with Westbrook behind him for a touchdown. Oh my goodness. I know I am going to have to go through him if it's for a touchdown. I'm just thinking about what body part I am going to use that could be injured. Shoulder? Neck? Back? Those three things I would be highly worried about with Runyan.

"I think if you go low on Runyan, he may drop the knee somewhere. So I think you have to stay high and just let him baptize you. That's probably what I would do. You know when you go backwards and your head hits first and you wake up as if somebody baptized you or blessed you? I think that would be Runyan right there, all day, every day."

John Clayton, who is expected to be active for Sunday's "Last Call" column, included Runyan on his list of 10 "really, really scary" football players. Thanks to everyone who participated in Thursday's "Hot Read." I couldn't have done it without you.