Sensitive issue for Giants' linebacker

Giants defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan said Thursday that he would continue to rotate rookie Clint Sintim and veteran Danny Clark at strongside linebacker. Sheridan doesn't think there's a huge issue with his players not finding a rhythm because it's not like they're every-down players.

But Jenny Vrentas from the Star-Ledger reports that things got a little "awkward" when Clark was asked whether Sintim's presence on the team had become a motivating factor for him.

"This is so out of left field,” Clark told reporters in the Meadowlands. “I wasn’t expecting these questions. I wasn’t expecting that. I’m sorry. I gotta tighten up. I wasn’t ready yet."


Clark was asked whether the prospect of having his job taken by a rookie was a motivating factor. He quickly handed down some interviewing advice.

"You’re saying the wrong questions," said Clark. "We’ve got a good team concept, so he’s a kid that’s doing well and he’ll play well. But again, I’m going to go out there and do the best I can."

This job would be so much easier if players would simply feed us the appropriate questions. But honestly, I can see why a proud veteran like Clark is getting a bit testy. He's been a valuable leader on this team and he's someone that Tom Coughlin has a lot of trust in. But the writing's on the wall. Clark's going to eventually become a starter for the Giants -- and strongside linebacker seems like a likely landing spot right now.