Beast predictions: Cowboys in a tight one

Before I make my weekly predictions in the NFC East, let's see what our esteemed ESPN panel thinks. Two of them -- Adam Schefter and Seth Wickersham -- called that Skins upset over the Broncos last Sunday. Let's see if anyone has the guts to pick the Skins over the Cowboys.

Cowboys-Redskins: Nope, we didn't find any takers this week. All eight members of the panel picked the Cowboys to win at home. I think the Redskins will actually push the Cowboys. Rookie linebacker Brian Orakpo's going to have a big game, but the Skins will fall just a bit short. Beast prediction: Cowboys 28, Redskins 21.

Giants-Falcons: Eric Allen, the former Eagles great, is the only one picking against the Giants. He thinks Mike Smith's team will walk into Giants Stadium and extend New York's losing streak to five games. I don't see it. Despite the neck injury to Antonio Pierce, I think the Giants will play much better on defense. Justin Tuck's shoulder is in much better shape and I think he'll sack Matt Ryan at least twice. Beast prediction: Giants 31, Falcons 20.

Eagles-Bears: Wow, the panel has lost all respect for the Bears. Not a single panelist picked the Bears to win at Soldier Field. Have they not watched the Eagles play the last two weeks? I think the Eagles will find a way to make a couple big plays on offense, but I'm still worried about their secondary. I'm going out on a limb here. Beast prediction: Eagles 23, Bears 17.