Wedding bells for Drew Henson

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Congratulations to former Cowboys quarterback Drew Henson, who got married over the weekend on the Turks and Caicos Islands. ESPN's Keyshawn Johnson, who owns some property on the island, has been close friends with Henson since the two played together in Dallas.
On Saturday, I received a wedding update from Keyshawn via text. He said the bride (Madeline) was stunning and that a recent report hinting at a possible comeback for Johnson was false.

"I'm at a wedding," he said. "You think I'm worried about working out?"

I don't think Drew's given up on his NFL career, but I'm afraid the calls have stopped coming. Johnson lobbied for him in Carolina two years ago, but when the Panthers chose to bring back Vinny Testaverde, it wasn't a good sign.

He has a great relationship with Brad Childress in Minnesota, but he didn't stick with the Vikings. Don't feel sorry for Henson, though. He's putting that huge signing bonus he got from the Yankees and the $3 million from the Cowboys to good use.

He and his father have become financial advisers.