Giants-Broncos: What are we looking for?

The Broncos are reeling and the Giants are finally coming off a win. I think the Giants will hand the Broncos another loss, but they need to apply some pressure to quarterback Kyle Orton in order to get it done. Here are a few things I'll be watching during tomorrow night's game:

  • Hopefully some of the Giants were watching what Bears defensive back Charles Tillman was doing to the Eagles on Sunday night. I think Knowshon Moreno is susceptible to the strip and that's why players such as Michael Boley and Aaron Rouse should be punching at the ball while someone else is wrapping up. If the Giants can cause a turnover early in this game, they can get out to another quick start. And the Broncos have shown a tendency to fight each other when things go south.

  • I could see Danny Ware having a big game for the Giants. If offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride will stick with the running game, the Giants can lean on an undersized Broncos defensive line. I would not be surprised at all to see the Giants go for over 150 yards rushing. And that will help control the clock and keep Brandon Marshall off the field.

  • Speaking of Brandon Marshall, you have to stay alert at all times. For some reason, the Redskins busted coverage twice on him, allowing long touchdowns. Rouse and Michael Johnson can't let Marshall get over the top of them. I'm sure defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan will have someone shaded to Marshall's side. Marshall also hurt the Cowboys with his ability to run after the catch. The Giants can't get caught gambling for an interception. If you have to let the guy make a 15-yard catch, so be it. Make the Broncos put together a 15-play drive to score. Don't give up the deep ball.

  • If this one's tight in the fourth quarter, Sheridan has to do a better job of calling plays. This team's attention to detail (communication) has been disturbing at times. The Giants can't get caught in the wrong coverage against the Broncos because Orton will make them pay. And by all means, get some shots on the quarterback early. He has a gimpy ankle, so it's not like he's going to be moving around much in the pocket. This is a game where one of the defensive tackles needs to collapse the pocket. We haven't seen enough of that.

  • Rotate, rotate, rotate. The Giants are playing on a short week and as CEO John Mara complained about, they're making a tough road trip. In this type of altitude, the Giants have to use their depth. Why don't we see if Rocky Bernard can actually earn his free-agency money? I haven't seen much production out of him this season. This is a game where players such as Jon Goff and Clint Sintim need to see significant snaps. Turn those young guys loose.