Different approaches to bye week

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
When he was working under Mike Holmgren in Seattle, Redskins coach Jim Zorn remembers how assistants and coaches were instructed to get away from football for five or six days during the bye week. He enjoyed that approach so much that he's brought it to Washington.

In a move that will cause former coach Joe Gibbs to fall out of his La-Z-Boy, Zorn said goodbye to his players Tuesday and told them they weren't required to be back until the following Monday. Not sure whether this announcement led to a hearty "Hip Hip HOORAY!" chant, but I know it was the one thing Jason Campbell was happy about when we talked early Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Wade Phillips is taking a little different approach. The Cowboys will practice Wednesday and Thursday before taking a long weekend. Which is the better approach? I guess we'll find out pretty quickly, since the teams play each other after the bye.

And if I'm Dan Snyder, I'm calling StubHub today and purchasing the rest of the tickets to the Cowboys-Redskins game. Steelers fans took over FedEx Field on Monday -- and the Cowboys faithful will try to do the same.