Eagles' Parker should have been flagged

First, let me say that the Redskins lost today's game because Jim Zorn and his playcallers went conservative early in the fourth quarter for no apparent reason. The Redskins were leading the Eagles 21-16 at the Linc and have a 3-7 record. Knowing that, the Skins decided to play for the field goal, which still kept it a one-score game.

It was a very curious decision by a head coach that has no shot of returning for the 2010 season. But I'll come back to Zorn's decision at a later date.

For now, let's deal with the body slam that Eagles defensive end Juqua Parker put on Jason Campbell during the Redskins' fourth-and-1 play with just over a minute left in today's game. It was completely unnecessary on Parker's part and it should have been a 15-yard penalty. It's fine that he hit Campbell as soon as he released the ball, but then he took him and slammed him to the ground.

That should be an easy call for the official. It was an excessive play by Parker -- and it could have cost his team the game. But the officials completely ignored it. Again, the Redskins should have never put themselves in a position to need a call like that at the end of the game. But it was horrendous no-call nonetheless.

My guess is that most Eagles fans will disagree with my assessment -- and that Redskins fans will have my back. Imagine that.